KB-473 stationary

510 000 month

The tower crane KB-473 is intended for the mechanization of construction and installation work during the construction of residential, civil and industrial buildings and structures of high-rise number with a mass of mounted elements up to 10 tons.

KB-473 is a stationary tower crane with a fixed tower and a full-swing beam boom equipped with a cargo trolley.

Height of the self-supporting crane is 42,4 m; when the height increases, the crane is attached to the building with special connections. Installation of the crane is carried out by the method of building using a hydraulic mounting device.

The height of objects under construction - up to 160 m

Free-standing to a height of up to 42 m

Maximum boom length - up to 55 m

Load capacity - 10t-2.8t

The cost of work in rubles., Incl. VAT - 20%:

  1. Anchor Section - 250,000
  2. Foundation installation - 1,360,000 rubles.
  3. Delivery, installation of the crane on the free-standing height, dismantle - 800 000 rubles.
  4. Installation of ties, fixing the crane for further extension - 230 000 rubles.
  5. Crane rental for one calendar month - 510,000 rubles.
  6. Salary crane operator for 1 hour of work - 360 rubles. The minimum mode of operation - 12 hours daily, including Saturdays, Sundays, weekends.
  7. Preparing a switch-on control system, drafting a project for building a foundation, obtaining permission to start a crane from an inspection
  8. Rostekhnadzor - 75,000 rubles.