350 000 month

Mobile self-erecting tower crane KB-405 is designed for meanization of lifting and transport work on residential, civil and industrial buildings and structures of various heights with elements of building structures weighing up to 10 tons.

Mobile (on the rail) full-turn (with a rotary tower) crane is equipped with standardized mechanisms, mounted and dismantled using its own mechanisms and a truck crane with a lifting capacity of 8 tons, transported assembled on trolleys.

Designed to work in the climatic version "U" of category I according to GOST 15150-69 at an ambient temperature of -40 to +40 degrees. Celsius Classification group (mode) in accordance with ISO 4301/1 - A4.

The crane KB-405 is issued in 4 executions: KB-405.1A, KB-405.1A-01, KB-405.1A-02, KB-405.2A.

Track - 6 m (it is convenient to build buildings up to 18 floors);
Hook lifting height with horizontal boom - 63 m;
Arrow length - 30 m;
Load capacity - 10t-3t.

The cost of work in rubles., Incl. VAT - 20%:

  1. The device of the crane runway 1 link (12.5 track units) - 140,000 rubles;
  2. Relocation, installation, dismantling - 685,000 rubles;
  3. Crane rental for 1 calendar month - 350,000 rubles;
  4. Salary crane operator for 1 hour of work - 360 rubles.
  5. The minimum mode of operation - 12 hours daily, including Saturdays, Sundays, weekends;
  6. Preparation of the RCC, obtaining permission to start the crane from the inspection of Rostechnadzor - 45 000 rubles.