Volumetric formwork floor system HSI

250 month

Volumetric racks collapsible-retractable large-panel formwork designed for the construction of monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete structures at ambient temperatures from -40 ° C to + 45 ° C.

In addition, volumetric racks can be used as a formwork of floors and span structures of bridges (racks and other similar structures), as well as for lining tunnels erected in an open and closed way as a tunnel formwork.

Calculation of the cost of renting a volumetric formwork for the ceiling of the HSI system

Name Rental price, rubles / month. Required number of items Rental amount
Jack 850 cm 60,00 0,00
Jack 600 cm 50,00 0,00
Stand starting 2m 94,00 0,00
Extra stand 1.5m 73,00 0,00
Rigel 1.19m 38,00 0,00
Rigel 1.5m 48,00 0,00
Univilka 12,00 0,00
Beam dvutavrovy mp 23,00 0,00
Fencing device 210,00 0,00
Total 0,00

Compared with alternative designs (telescopic racks for formwork floors, various tours), volumetric racks provide an order of magnitude greater simplicity and safety of work on the construction of high-altitude ceilings, with comparable and often lower cost of the equipment itself.

The connection of volumetric racks and crossbars is provided by an exclusive wedge assembly, providing both a simple and reliable connection, as well as mutual centering of the volumetric rack and crossbar at a right angle.

Starting racks are installed on the jacks or shoes. It is also permissible to use starting racks as racks of the second and subsequent tiers. At the same time to connect the two starting racks, you must use a special insert.

Unifork serves as a support for the beam. Inserted into the jack. It is the final element in height.

The jack is a support for the starting pillars C-2; it is installed on the boards if necessary to adjust the mounted formwork area. Top jack serves as a support for uniforks. Performs final leveling.

The crossbar is the link of the vertical elements, carries out the binding of racks. It is installed in the flanges of the uprights and wedged with a hammer. It can serve as a support for formwork reinforced concrete bolt.

Adjusting the height of the set of racks by adjusting the lower jacks. Further adjustment of the level of the main overlap is carried out by adjusting the upper jacks.

Passport on the volumetric formwork of the ceiling of the HSI system