Lift "Alimak"

250 000 month


It is relatively easy to install the lifts by raising the mast section (normal length 1.5m) to the cage ceiling using a crane inside the cage.

Such a system allows each unit to be self-installing, this eliminates the need to use a mobile crane. The mast of the cargo lift is bolted, and a crane is used during installation.


Alimak has a certain plan (project) and construction philosophy, and as a result of this, we have found a solution to many complex engineering problems. Over the years, we have manufactured more than 12,000 freight and cargo-hoisting lifts and developed an engineering solution for many of them. Perhaps we have already encountered and overcome your problem.

The public, independent report of Scott Chandler, the head of the British company Chartered Quantity Surveyors, indicated 6 reasons / advantages, why your choice should lie on Alimak cargo lifts.

  • clear evidence that cargo lifts increase productivity.
  • Ladders can create safety problems, they are inconvenient to use, especially when carrying tools and moving goods.
  • for arriving at the workplace the use of stairs is inconvenient and unprofitable, since a worker needs to regain his strength after climbing the stairs; with medium / high climbing, the rest time can reach 20 minutes or more.
  • fast, reliable passage
  • material breakage can be as high as 10% of the total material used; this is dramatically reduced when using lifts for cargo in pallets.
  • efficiency of 15-storey projects, use of the Alimak system provides 14% savings in labor (labor).

Rack and Pinion Drive System Alimak

Alimak cargo lifts have one or more motors mounted on the cage roof, which are driven by a rack-and-pinion drive. The pinion gear engages the rail on the mast and this gives the lifter the opportunity to move up and down the mast. The number of motors depends on the load capacity, cage size, speed and counterweight system. Alimak is the cooperation of the owner and the consumer

  • TD cage (top drive) provides a modern cage for transporting personnel and bulk cargo.
  • protection of the cage from moisture and cold, ventilation of the cage of cargo lifts suitable for "tropical places".
  • door "C" with the option to choose on the long side of the cage for speed and ease of mechanical loading into the crate.
  • ISO 9001 is a guarantee of high quality design and manufacturing: reducing the cost of time (high productivity of a cargo hoist) low cost.
  • Full of calm, Alimak care about the security system when using cargo-passenger lifts surrounds you.

Skando modular system

The Scando system is a truly modular system. Want to increase the capacity of your lift? Do you want to increase project pass ability? A single mast Alimak can easily become two-cage lifts by simply adding cages, fences and slats. Do not fit two cages to your project?

Still not enough pass capability and power? A simple device for lifting loads, more masts, fixtures and one or two more additions and the problem is solved. Two independent approaches to solving this issue and relatively low prices. And that is not all ! Many of the standard components are modulated out of production. The modular system reduces binding on the stock of capital. As well as the standard cargo lift masts and many other components are modulated to ALICIMBER mast working lifts.

  • With a loading capacity of 400-4500 kg (cases are known to 10000 kg)
  • With a stand size of up to 16 m2. (try to use something more if necessary)
  • Speed from 9 m / min to 9 / min
  • The height of the landing top reaches 400 m (there is talk of 1000 meter high-rise buildings in the 21st century)
  • Equipment control system from the operator's cabin to the sophisticated system PLS. The modular system of Scando should be your answer to reach the utmost height.


Alimak gained trust and is known worldwide for its reliability and safety. The basis of the Alimak security system is a safety device.

Also we can supply a choice;

  • safety device for system overload

  • protective device for the destruction of the mast;

  • grease pump for rack.

Max. load capacity up to 2000 kg
Movement speed 0–54 m / min.
Max. lift height 150 m
Cabin width, internal 1,4 m
Cabin length, internal 2,0–3,2 m
Cabin height, internal 2,13 m
Motor control Frequency converter
  (FC) or Direct-On-Line (DOL)
Number of motors 1 ro 2
Type of security device GF
Supply voltage range 380–500 V, 50 or 60 Hz, 3 phases
Nominal fuse current 20–80 A
Mast Type 450, tubular steel construction with integrated frame
Mast section length 1,508 m
Mast section weight with 1 frame 68 kg
Frame Modules 5


Alimak lift description