Lift "Stross"

250 000 month

Passenger-and-freight elevators like NOV

Passenger-and-freight elevators represent a single type range with a loading capacity from 400 to 2700 kg, with a cab width of 1 -1.5 m and a length of 1.7 - 3.8 m. The lifts are designed for vertical movement of people and materials up to a height of 150 m with the possibility of gradual mast elevation simultaneously with the increase in construction. The lifts are equipped with an electric drive, located in the cab or above the ceiling of the cab, and, if necessary, are controlled by a frequency converter. The cabin of the elevator moves on a trihedral or tetrahedral mast, a haulage gear gear on a gear rack of a mast. The mast is attached to the wall or building structure. The application of the service brake, automatic safety gear, limit switches and safety switches and other elements ensures a high degree of safety. Together with the lifts, the supplied equipment includes mast sections, fastening elements, cable trolleys for high heights, mounting tools with a lifting device, equipment for landing pads, etc., and according to the lifting height specified by the customer when opening an order.