Universal formwork of floors on telescopic racks

120 month

Universal formwork of floors is a fundamentally new building system, which is a detailed design elements. Sturdy floor beams, reliable trends and racks ensure ease of installation and operational safety of structures, making universal floor formwork accessible through an indispensable system that ensures rapid concreting of floors of any complexity. The universal formwork of floors is ideally suited for overlapping of any dimensions and constructive options. Carefully thought-out functional features of the formwork elements ensure prompt completion of construction work. Universal sealing was the fact that this design has become the most popular of the most popular designs on construction sites. The universal formwork of floors proved to be a good idea in the construction of bridge structures, the organization of mining works and the construction of overpasses. Universal floor formwork is equally well suited for use on private building sites and in large-scale construction.

Calculating the cost of universal formwork floors on telescopic racks

*To start, enter the required number of formwork elements.

Name Rental price, rubles / month. Required number of items Rental amount
Stand telescopic 2-3.7m 100,00 0,00
Rack telescopic 2.5-4.2m 150,00 0,00
Univilka 12,00 0,00
Tripod 34,00 0,00
Beam dvutavrovy mp 23,00 0,00
Fencing device 210,00 0,00
Total 0,00

The universal formwork of floors is a complex multi-element construction, for the correct functioning of which a certain set of parts is necessary.

For the formwork of floors used durable, reliable stand.

The system of leveling racks is extremely convenient and reliable, it can be used to minimize the time required for the construction of horizontal formwork.

An example of the installation of floor formwork

Passport for ceiling formwork